Warrior Cane Project

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What is the Warrior Cane Project?

The Warrior Cane Project provides specialized canes and training for our wounded veterans. Trainings are held at Marine Corps bases, hospitals and naval hospitals.

The Purpose

Training the Wounded Warriors in Combat Cane serves to:
  • Help with physical rehabilitation
  • Build morale among disabled veterans
  • Allow a Wounded Warrior to maintain partial or full active duty    service
  • Empower Veterans to remain Warriors

  • Warrior Cane Project in the News

    Click here to read "Empowering Those Who are Already Heroes", a recently published article by Robert Clopton posted about the project.

    KRLD radio interview, November 2011

    Citation of Honor from the USMC awarded Thomas Forman

    Select image for larger view Click on image for larger view of certificate

    “You can do these tactics and be successful
    with them. The (Combat) Cane greatly helps level the “field of self-defense” once again (since I lost half my left leg) to my advantage. I am able to take my cane with me to places that I cannot legally carry weapons, so that I always have a way of defending myself and my loved ones against attacks."

    -Staff Sergeant Lyons USMC,
    Wounded Warrior Regiment

    Warrior Cane Project
    Click on image for larger view of The Warrior Combat Cane

    Buy a Cane for
    a Wounded Warrior!

    Would you please donate a cane to help a brave Warrior who was wounded in service to our country?

    Your contribution is 100% tax deductible as a donation to the Metroplex Military Charitable Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

    Option 1 - Canes

    Donate one or more canes. Each hand-carved cane costs $160.00.

    Option 2 - Money

    Your 100% tax deductible cash donation will go to the purchase and donation of canes to Wounded Warriors. Three options available: $100, $75, $50.
    Donate to Warriors

    Help Train Wounded Warriors Nationwide!

    Due to the success of the initial training sessions, the Marine Corps and the Army have requested Mr. Forman and Valhalla Security Consulting to teach Combat Cane sessions all over the United States and to train Wounded Warriors to become Combat Cane Instructors. These Wounded Warrior instructors can then maintain partial or full active duty service.

    Warrior Cane Project